The Path to Empowered Thinking

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Brainstorming and making decisions that create success can be enhanced by following these steps for empowered thinking.

Intention – Setting a clear intention will provide focus, clarity, and a sense of purpose for what you want to achieve.  One of my clients describes it as pulling together their inner resources and giving them a mission.  The power of this intent can be felt energetically and will attract what will support you.

Knowledge – Gathering the information and learning that will support your intention keeps you on your intended path and prevents time and energy consuming detours.  There are different layers of knowledge that will support you.  Some will be part of the foundation before you move toward your intended outcome and others will come along the way.

Belief – Most of the people I come across have a warped belief system on some level that can keep them stuck.  Part of the journey is to clear the misbeliefs that are standing in your way so that you can move forward successfully.  While these misbeliefs may seem big and powerful, they are really just stories you make up in your mind and only have power over you if you allow it.

Knowing – There is a level of intuition inside of you that just knows.  The internal voice of knowing is solid, calm, and does not try to convince you.  You just know.  It is the voice of truth.  The more we tune into that voice the more we will be tuned into our highest selves and the vast resources available to us at that level of awareness.  Cultivating a relationship with your inner knowing can be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself.

When you combine your mind with your intuition, you will be truly thinking from an empowered place. You will have more confidence in your decisions and can trust they will lead you to success.

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    • That is the stage where it all begins and I love that you are spending time there getting very clear.

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