3 Steps to Creating a Memorable Business Brand

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Branding is about creating a platform for how you want your business to be remembered and recognized.  It includes your business name, logo and the words and images that you connect to it.   It may also include branding yourself as the leader and face of your business.

There are three steps that I recommend for choosing your branding message:

Brainstorm Ideas:

  1. Review related book titles
  2. Write the first three words that come to mind and work with them
  3. Ask yourself what your target market is looking for
  4. Write down keywords related to the benefits your clients will receive
  5. Review websites for similar businesses
  6. Ask friends for ideas
  7. Listen to your heart
  8. Work with a coach or mentor with a successful business

Choose Your Favorites and Test Them:

  1. Is it simple and easy to remember?
  2. Does it contain keywords your ideal clients will identify with?
  3. Does it accurately represent what you offer?
  4. Is it in alignment with the style of your future clients? (intellectual, spiritual, fun)
  5. Is it available as a website url?

Get Feedback:

  1. Ask people you trust to give you honest feedback
  2. Get feedback from people in your target market
  3. Take a deep breath – say the words – how do they feel?
  4. If there is more than one option – say each one– which one feels better?
  5. Get support from a coach or business mentor

If your business is new, I recommend not jumping into creating a lot of marketing products around your brand right away.  Get business cards.  Play with it. See how it feels to call yourself the owner of your brand.  How do people respond to it?  Your brand may evolve as you experience how it feels and works.  But, in the end, you will have a brand that represents you and your business well.

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  1. These are all great points. Another suggestion I have to add to your list is to ask current and past clients what words they feel describes your business. I realize this depends on having clients, but I sometimes think, as you pointed out, that new business owners try to brand too quickly, and invest too heavily in branding materials.

    If you have, or have had clients, it can be an eye-opening exercise to ask them to describe your business.

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