Startup Incubator

start up simple smart businessYour business vision is calling you. You feel ready to take the next step.  Now what?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the support and guidance of a professional coach who has already built a thriving  practice?  One who has a background in psychology and can help you move through blocks and fears as well as provide the practical stuff?  I’m that coach and I have created a program just for you.

The Startup Incubator coaching package and program are designed for coaches, healers, counselors, and other heart centered entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their practices and would like support and mentoring along the way.  Working closely with a coach who has already traveled this path can save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

During your Startup Incubator journey you will:

Develop a solid foundation for your business:

  • Identify and connect with your inspiring vision
  • Get clear about your brand, niche, and the clients you want to serve
  • Learn where to focus your initial marketing efforts for maximum results
  • Get the scoop on legal stuff like licenses, entities, and permits

Create a low stress framework that supports and motivates you:

  • Design your ideal day and week to create a business you love.
  • Learn multiple ways to deliver and package your service
  • Get clear about how to set fees and billing strategies
  • Set up rules and guidelines that honor both you and your clients

Put systems in place that make your business administration flow:

  • Bank accounts, payment methods, accounting, and records made easy
  • Learn insider tips about addresses, phone lines and more
  • Create an office space that supports you and your heart centered service

Gain sales and marketing confidence as you prepare for your launch:

  • Learn the secrets to a successful sales conversation
  • Choose from a menu of highly effective marketing strategies
  • Create and implement a simple marketing plan that gets you noticed
  • Receive support that guides you through fear and blocks along the way

Your Startup Incubator program is available in different packages:

  • 12 Week Coaching Package
  • Ongoing One to One Coaching (available nationwide via phone)
  • Full or Half Day VIP Sessions – Columbia MO area
  • Workshops, presentations, and group coaching programs

Affordability Concerns? Your coaching package or VIP day can be shared with up to 5 friends allowing you to split the cost and Master Mind with the people you choose to invite.

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