Simple Smart Business Startups – Planning for Success

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Moving forward without a plan can waste a lot of time and energy.  Instead of creating what you want, you will be settling for whatever happens.  An entrepreneur without a plan can feel scattered, overwhelmed, and lost.    Who wants that?

Knowing what you want and how to get there will allow you to streamline your efforts for maximum results.  You will feel clear and be able to identify the next most important and effective actions to take.  You will have a timeline that motivates you and keeps you aware and inspires you to stay on track.

Your plan should include:

  1. Your business vision and  intention
  2. Clearly defined objectives and goals
  3. A solid understanding of your target market, ideal clients, and their burning needs
  4. Well defined profit streams  – the products, solutions, and services you will provide
  5. A clear and engaging way of describing your offerings
  6. Pricing strategies and methods for payment
  7. A solid marketing plan that includes online and offline strategies
  8. A method for successful sales conversations and enrollment
  9. Systemized customer touch points and follow ups
  10. Defined projects that will move your business forward
  11. A list of action steps for each of your projects
  12. Support, community, coaching, or mentors
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