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There are three basic approaches to business ideas and program creation. You can start with your gifts and skills, what your ideal clients want, or piggy back onto an idea already working for someone else. You might consider looking at all 3 to find a winning common denominator.

Here are the steps that will support you through each process.

Identify your personal gifts, the legacy you want to leave, and then figure out who and how

  1. List your talents, skills, and knowledge. Include everything, even hobbies or things you do for fun.
  2. What do you want the legacy of your work to be? What do you want to give the world?
  3. Who would you like to give it to?
  4. What would that look like? How would you deliver it?

Identify your ideal client, their deepest desires and needs, and provide a solution for them

  1. Create a clear picture of your ideal client.
  2. What do they want?
  3. What are their biggest challenges or needs?
  4. What solution(s) can you provide?

For a more in depth version of this approach go to:
Focus On Your Ideal Clients to Create a Business You Love

Copy or enroll in what others are doing successfully. (MLM’s, direct sales, consulting, NLP)

  1. Who as a business person inspires you?  Who would you love to have as a mentor?
  2. What have you seen that interests you?
  3. Can you confirm its integrity and success?
  4. How much structure and support do you want?
  5. Is it a good fit for you? (your skills, strengths, personality, and working style)
  6. If it’s a group program, will you thrive in that environment?
  7. What level of income will you really be able to make? Are there high commissions, required trainings, or membership fees? Will you have to work for a discounted fee?

Research your program and business ideas thoroughly and if possible get feedback from someone with a history of business experience and success.

If you would like the support of a professional Business Coach, I can help. Contact Me  to schedule a free initial consultation.

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