How to Create a Work Environment that Supports Your Success

neat work environment

When I work with clients who want to eat healthier, one of the first things we do is remove junk foods from their home. We set up their environment to support their goals and improve their likelihood of success.

The same concept holds true in business. 

Most people have desks that are filled with papers and clutter that look more like a storage site than a work space. This clutter becomes a constant distraction, calling their mind’s attention away from the task at hand. It also contributes to a feeling of heaviness and being closed in, diminishing their energy and ability to be effective. There is even scientific evidence that a cluttered space can contribute to a cluttered mind.

A healthy work environment is clear, clean, and systematized.  Creating an office that supports your success is showing respect for you and your business.  And, it’s not that hard to do:

  1. Ensure you have adequate lighting and room to breathe
  2. Post your mission statement and current goals in front of you
  3. Clear the clutter and file away anything that is not used regularly
  4. Remove files, inboxes, and storage from your line of vision to improve your focus
  5. Warm up your space with a picture, inspiring decor, or a living plant
  6. Create systems for handling things to be done, including priorities, and follow up
  7. Use write boards or bulletin boards to track things, but have them at your side or behind you
  8. Write your successes and wins on one of those boards to help you stay positive in stressful times

If you would like the support of a professional business coach in creating an environment that is optimized for productive work and success, you can contact me here to learn more. 

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  1. Good and simple tips. I have been having difficult time keeping all my files organized, so ordered a cork board to pin all my tasks to.

    • That seems to be something that works for me as well, although I have several clients who use write boards for brainstorming and keeping track of things.

  2. WOW! This is so important! I have to have a clutter free zone for my work. My desk needs to be organized or I can’t concentrate. I love the cartoon of the cluttered desk. So funny! My husband’s desk looks like that! Thanks for a great blog!

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