Business Coaching

simple smart business coaching Linda LukeThere is nothing like one to one personal attention from an experienced business coach to help you make progress toward your dreams and goals.  When that business coach has a back ground in life coaching and spiritual psychology as well, you get multidimensional support for all of your needs.

Here is just a small sample of what we might work on together:

  • Bring vision and form together to create the business of your dreams
  • Learn the logistics and basics needed and how to keep them simple
  • Receive guidance in defining your niche and target market
  • Brand your new venture and attract your ideal clients
  • Breakthrough blocks and fears that are triggered as you take action
  • Create a simple marketing strategy that gets you seen
  • Start a blog or step into social media marketing
  • Learn how to convert with successful sales conversations
  • Receive guidance for the different life stages of your business
  • Create and market new products and programs
  • Organize and simplify for a low stress business
  • Receive support that is both heart centered and holds you accountable to your own vision

Why me?

I have always loved business and had good instincts about how to help people become successful. Before becoming a coach I worked as a dental office manager and developed a reputation for helping build successful practices. In 2005, I started my Life Coaching practice and achieved success quickly.  I also love learning and have spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours in training programs, webinars, and studying business and marketing.

After years of supporting my life coaching clients who also owned businesses in creating success, I started Simple Smart Business to offer specific coaching & online marketing services. My clients appreciate the knowledge, instinct and experience I bring to our sessions as well my ability to support them with their inner game.

I get really excited for my clients and their visions.  I am committed to their success, just as I would be to yours.

Coaching Opportunities:

Affordability Concerns?  Turn your coaching experience into a Master Mind or workshop by inviting up to 5 friends to join you and split the investment.  

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