A Three Step Burnout Busting Process

burned out matches exhausted

You know the feeling.  Tired, unmotivated, and everything is sooo very hard to do.  My client Theresa described it as trying to move forward while dragging a herd of elephants behind her.

Doing what needs to be done when you are feeling burned out is challenging.  It is also a call to step back and take time to re-evaluate what is happening in your life or work.

The following steps have helped many of my clients get their mojo back after a period of burnout. Taking the time to do these, even if you feel you don’t have it, will support you in feeling better and being more effective in the future.

Do an energy audit.  Make a list or use an app to document all of the ways you spend your time and energy.  Be specific.  Freedom will be in the details.  Once you have the list, evaluate each item for its return on your energy investment and how it makes you feel.

Restart with a blank slate.  If you were to scrap everything and rebuild it with what you know today, how would you do it differently?  What is really working and what has just become a routine or habit with little payoff?  How can you spend your life energy more wisely?  What are you doing just because you think you should?  Theresa realized that she spent a lot of time on marketing strategies that did not work for her business and decided to focus her efforts where her target market really hangs out. She said that doing this saved her about 6 hours per week and her stress levels had decreased as well.

Reconnect with your “Why”.  What made you choose to do the work you are doing?  Is it a calling or passion?  Is it a vehicle for demonstrating love by caring for your family?  Is it a stepping stone that will lead you to what you really want?  I encourage you to spend some time on this and write it down.  Your “Why” is your motivation and a pathway to new energy that will allow you to re-engage with your work at a higher level.

You don’t need to wait until your energy is dragging to benefit from this process. I encourage you to put it on your calendar once or twice a year.  My clients report that  when they do, they are less likely to fall into the burnout state, their work stays feeling fresh, and the regular reviews help them adjust their course as needed on their way to success.

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