4 Keys to a Productive Day


desk productive day

Many of the solo entrepreneurs I talk to admit spending hours of unfocused time staring off into space or playing on social media instead of doing what is important to the success of their businesses.   When I ask them if they would rather be more focused and work fewer hours the answer is always – YES!.

Here is what I tell them:

Connect with Your Vision Daily – When you stay focused on the meaning of the work you do and why it is important to you, you will feel more motivated to stay focused.

Design Your Day – Create a plan the night before or first thing in the morning that includes your intention for the day,  priorities, and action steps toward your goals.

Have a Framework for Success in Place – Having a solid foundation of systems in your business may sound boring, but will actually create freedom and minimize stress.  You will want strategies for handling paper, email, bookkeeping, sales funnels, calendars, and all the other little things that are vital to success.

Optimize Your Energy – Taking care of your physical energy levels will support you in getting things done.  Eat nutritious meals and healthy snacks.  Take breaks at least every couple hours, and plan your tasks around your own energy rhythms.

Sometimes extra support can make all the difference in the world. If you would like to learn how coaching can help you use your time more effectively, contact me (Linda) and request a consultation. I would love to help. 

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  1. Linda,

    Good tips. I would like to say you have figured out mine life history in the first part.

    Yes, I was the one who was spending more time on social networking site which ultimately lowers down my productivity in work. Really those were ridiculous day which I had.

    Some day i was very upset and I got suggestion from one of my friend to implement task management tools onto my life. Initially I ignored him but at later stage I really realized the importance of that in my life.

    Are you also using any tools as such. Do let me know

    • Hi Carla:
      Thank you for sharing about your experience. Yes. I have tried and use several task management tools. I now use a system that I custom designed for myself and also support others through coaching them in creating their own unique task management systems and strategies.

      I’m curious as to what tools you are using and how you like them. Care to share?

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